General information

Brand name  
  full: BTA Bank, Closed Joint-Stock Company
  abbreviation: BTA Bank, CJSC

20-2 V.Khoruzhey str., 220123, Minsk, Belarus

Bank's Charter Capital: 24 747 387,64 BYN


Current licenses held by BTA Bank CJSC:

License No. 17 of 28.05.2013 For carrying out banking activities

Under a special permission (license) for carrying out banking activities issued by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, the Bank is entitled to carry out banking activities, including the following banking operations:

· attracting financial resources of legal entities and individuals in the form of bank accounts and deposits;

· investing attracted financial resources of legal entities and individuals in the form of bank accounts and deposits on behalf and at the expense of the Bank on terms of repayment, interest payment, and maturity;

· opening and maintaining bank accounts of legal entities and individuals;

· providing settlement and cash services to legal entities and individuals, including correspondent banks;

· foreign exchange transactions;

· issuing bank guarantees;

· trust management of assets under trust agreement;

· issuing bank payment cards;

· issuing certificates of deposits specifying the financial resources attracted and deposited on accounts;

· accounts receivable financing (factoring);

· leasing to legal entities and natural persons special premises or safe deposit boxes located therein for bank storage of documents and valuables (cash assets, securities, precious metals and precious stones, etc.).

License No. 02010/16795

For carrying out security activities

License No. 022200/5200-12-1131 For carrying out professional and exchange activities in the securities markets
License No. 01019/299 For carrying out technical and/or cryptographic protection of information


The Bank has been registered with the state agency "Agency for Guaranteed Reimbursement of Bank Deposits of Individuals,"

Certificate No. 0000021 issued on 21.01.2009






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Лицензия НБРБ №17
от 28.05.2013 г.
УНП 807000071



+375 (17) 311-32-32
5-282-282 (любой оператор)

режим работы ПН-ПТ 8:30-19:00

Служба  поддержки
для владельцев банковских карт:
+375 (17) 311-32-55 (рабочее время)
+375 (17) 299-25-25 (круглосуточно)