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List of documents to be submitted to open an account by a legal entity not a resident of the Republic of Belarus:

Document forms


* The documents and/or copies thereof submitted to the Bank by non-resident account holders and issued, executed and/or certified in the prescribed form by foreign competent authorities outside the Republic of Belarus under foreign law shall be legalized or apostilled to be accepted by banks unless otherwise provided by an international agreement signed by the Republic of Belarus. The non-resident account holders shall submit the documents and/or copies thereof executed in a foreign language with their duly certified translation into one of the official languages of the Republic of Belarus. When certifying copies of documents, the account holder shall specify the position, signature, name and initials of the person who certified the copies, the seal (if any), and the words "true copy". If a copy of the document has two or more pages, each page shall bear a certifying inscription or the copy shall be laced and sealed with a certifying inscription on the last sheet and showing the number of pages.








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